Hello everyone 👋🏽

So the Spirit of God spoke to me this morning and reminded me that True Christianity was created to be an underground army of sorts. Kind of like a snippet lying low in position, waiting for instructions to fire away.

As a result, we must take care not to resist or ignore the Spirit of God and whatever He will be directing us to. We are supposed to be doing a new study on the subject of IDOLS/IDOLATRY & we will do that but we’ve also received instructions to stand in the gap and pray for our country, Nigeria.

So we will not have Bible study for the rest of this week (everyone is still expected to keep studying scripture privately regardless) and we will be praying together towards the election taking place this Saturday, the 16th of February 2019.

I want to really encourage everyone to show up, let us pray and declare together. To the Nigerians in this group, this is our own country no matter where you’re planning to run to and if your country does not progress and its people remain in gross darkness and ignorance, how can you enjoy your success and abundance?

Like Binjo said, we have been given a mandate to come together as a family to pray over Nigeria. The instruction is to get the house to agree over Nigeria before the presidential election. If the house doesn’t agree, are we following God’s instructions?

Disobedience is an awful thing in the sight of God. Let us show up with joyful hearts and pray for Nigeria at 7pm WAT.

God bless you all 🤗🤗

– Ezinne Zara, Steward for True Christianity