1) So first off, many of us might not have heard of the small groups (new and old members) so I’ll just go over it again.

We have about 14 sub groups which have been created based off location from information that was given by TC members & I’ll paste them all soon.

The idea of the sub groups or small groups is to be able to reach every single person and to reduce the number of messages on this main group.

We’re currently 702 and there’s no way we can reach everyone individually again and some people have complained of feeling left out or being unheard or ignored. So in a smaller setting, they’ll be able to talk freely and everyone can check up on everyone and meetup, etc

2) In the small groups, everyone is expected to have Bible study on weekdays (Monday to Friday) by 7pm till 9pm but prayer chain will continue to take place on the main group on Saturday mornings at 6am.

We used to have discussions or hangouts on Saturday evenings. That’ll be resumed but it’ll take place in the small groups as well.

So feel free to organize your own hangouts with your groups and share with the main group what everyone is doing.

I’m going to write a letter and address it to all the groups and it’ll be circulated to better help everyone understand the new changes.

I’ll also draw up the calendar for April and we move, move, move!!

3) Holy Spirit has hinted to me that He wants me to start traveling to places where TC members are based and holding events and meetings there. So whatever part of the world you are in, please don’t feel left out. TC is not for Lagos people alone 😊

I will keep praying and waiting on God to tell me when to move but until then, I’ll be waiting 🙏🏼

4) So another thing is that when you’re in your small groups, if anything is not working at any point in time, please speak to the supervisor/head of that area who would then get back to me.

Edakun, don’t run to me first. Please speak to your heads first and agree with them. I’ll simply be informed.

5) Maybe we can have one monthly discussion here last Saturdays of the month to bring us all together 🤗

I know many of us might not like the change because human beings just don’t like change lol but remember when we first moved from WhatsApp to telegram and then we started to love it?

– Ezinne Zara, Steward for True Christianity