Just wanted to congratulate all of you who participated in the study on obedience and sacrifice because as of today, it has come to an end 🎺 Please do not forget the lessons you received from our studies on GARDEN, IDOLATRY, OBEDIENCE & SACRIFICE. Incorporate them into your day to day living. Be aware and conscious of Holy Spirit, allowing Him to do the good work in you.

We’ve been at the subject study since the beginning of January 2019 and in the light of everything that has been going on in TC and the lives of members of this group, I think now is a great time to go back to the beginning. Holy Spirit is shaking everyone to the foundation and removing everything and anything that is not of Him. He’s reigniting our hearts and calling us to know Jesus Christ for ourselves. And on that note, I’d love for us to return to the book of JOHN.

It’s a wonderful book and most important, it contains the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer and my hope is that as we study this book, the words in it become alive to us and we’re not just hearers but doers. That we will take the words of Jesus Christ as He’s said it and not try to pretend that we’re deaf. I just really sense change in the air for all of us and I’m so grateful to Holy Spirit.

I also think that Bible study should stop being in the small groups and should begin on the main group again so that everyone who actually does the Bible study is not discouraged by turnout in their respective small groups and can have a chance to fellowship with more people.

We’ll take it one chapter a day as we used to do and at the end of every Bible study, we will decide together if we’ve exhausted everything in that chapter and should study the next chapter the next day or continue with the one that was discussed. Bible study is 7-9pm WAT & I believe it’s not too much to give God 2 of your 24 hours 🙂

Also during the course of prayers on the group, if you feel that God is giving you a Word for anyone on the group, please send it to them as a private message. Don’t post prophecies for people on the group again. And if anyone sends you a prophecy that makes you uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to let me know. One thing about prophecy that we have to know is that it’s actually not every time that God speaks so don’t feel the need to always say, “thus sayeth the Lord…” Sometimes what we even hear is not for everyone to know or for the person involved to even know but for you to turn it into intercession and pray for that person. So when seeking gifts of prophecy, seek wisdom as well to know when and how to speak.

Finally, let us not neglect our personal studies and worship of God. Every member of this group is a unit that is contributing something and when you get lazy, you become a weight that simply pulls everyone back. When it’s 7pm, don’t wait for anyone to remind you to come on here. Don’t wait for any ‘leader’ to announce that it’s time. Start and let others catch up as they arrive.

May God bless and keep us all, amen.

– Ezinne Zara, Steward for True Christianity