Hello everyone, how are we all doing? I hope we are doing well 😊

I just want to speak from my heart to everyone this evening.

First off, I want to congratulate you if you completed the study on the book of John. I hope the lessons gained from it would be a lamp unto your feet to guide you in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

A lot has been happening recently – not only in my life but in the atmosphere and I have been thinking and asking God, “what next?” for TC. I have toyed with the idea of closing down True Christianity especially because I have reached a point in my life where my obligations have increased and I am no longer able to be as active and present as I used to be.

True Christianity like I say over and over again, is a place that was designed for people to come and get help from one another on their Christian journey and for that to happen, it must be everyone working together and not a group of people coming to feed off specific people. We’re to be a real family that bears one another’s burdens. This is supposed to be a place not just for you to come to take and take but for you to serve as well and the question I would like you to ask yourself is, “how have I contributed to making just one person here have a better life?”

There’s so much we could do next on TC. We could study the lives of the apostles and the early church because it’s in line with what God is currently doing but I’m tired of doing the same things with a bunch of people and seeing no results. I also felt a need to wait and hear what God would say and I firmly believe that this is a season of prayer and that it would be in our best interest to align with what God is doing in this time.

TC was never meant to replace your own quiet time or growth in your relationship with God but was to be an avenue for you to share what God is doing in and through you with everyone here. So we would no longer do the same old things because clearly, it is not working. There are some of us here who know that we have gifts that God has given to or placed on the inside of us to bless people with but we have been hiding and we keep coming here to feed and feed, getting fat and fatter. What would it cost to gather prayer requests and pray for everyone in your small group? What would it cost to go visit someone who is sick?

I believe that this new season will be an opportunity for those among us who do not have a prayer life to develop one and it’ll be an avenue for many of us to get realigned with the will and purposes of God for our lives. Many of us have gone to sleep waiting for ‘something exciting’ to happen so we can feel emotional about God once again but the revival God is sending is not one that would run for a day or a week or even a month, but for a lifetime and it is only those who are ready that will carry it.

During the week, we will be meeting to fellowship our small groups and weekends on the larger groups. We would build one another up. The point of all these is to empower us to move and step out and begin to carry the power of God to our families, to our workplaces, to our classrooms and schools, to strangers. It is also for us to gain a real and true understanding of who God is.

Please try to participate in this new move and don’t be left behind.

If you do not have a small group, please see this link and be sure to join based on your location.

May God bless and keep us 🤗