Good morning, family 🤗

This is to announce that I will be taking the rest of August and September off from True Christianity. I have not left you without provision, though:

On Wednesdays, some very capable people who are members of this group (like all of us are) will lead Bible study here on the group. Same time. Please show up and participate. This is for you and is so you can grow and thrive in the environment God has placed you in. On Fridays, please let everyone gather here at 8PM WAT and pray together on the group like we always do.

I wouldn’t be away unless I absolutely need to. Some of you may not know that I am engaged but in a few weeks, I will be married.☺️ I need to spend time in prayer as I step into this new season. I also need this to be even more effective and to seek God for clarity on His will for my life in the months to follow.

I want to also use this opportunity to specially thank TC Abuja and a few persons who reached out to gift me and my fiancé as we prepare for our wedding and marriage. It means so much to us. True Christianity has always been a source of blessing to me and I am grateful for all the love, care, understanding and support that I always receive.

Jesus Christ is glorified. Always.

Thank you sooo much, guys. See you in October! ❤️

– Ezinne Zara, Steward for True Christianity