This morning when [Ezinne Zara] said we should write down evil patterns in our family, I did. 

Diabetes is something that is really common in my family. My mom’s whole family has it including my mom. I am not so sure if my dad had it while he was alive but it’s in his family too. My mom always tells me to be careful and watch what I eat but all I keep saying in response is that, it is not my portion.

This morning I prayed about it seriously and in church, I prayed about it too. I exempted myself and my generation from evil family patterns and sicknesses. Then the most shocking thing happened while I was listening to Spiritual intelligence [by Apostle Joshua Selman].

My plan was to listen till 9:30pm then sleep and wake up for Hallelujah challenge [at 12:00am] but I just kept listening till about past 10:00pm. Apostle Selma was talking about spiritual demons and I felt a sensation in my private area. I got confused. It almost distracted me. 

Next thing, my tummy began to ache. I placed by hand on my tummy and on my private area and began to blast [speak] in tongues. I was shaking. I knew something was happening but I wanted to know what exactly it was. 

I called on the Holy Spirit to do His Work and He said to me, “I am releasing you from bondage.” 

I kept praying and calling on Jesus and then I heard, “I am delivering you. ” 

I fell on my knees and kept praying. Then I heard,  “I have delivered you. Go and pee.”

I obeyed. I sat on the toilet singing. The peep was little. I was expecting that I was going to pee for a long time 😂 but as soon as I obeyed him and I got up, I heard, “I just removed diabetics from you.” 

I suddenly felt and still feel lighter. I am so happy. I can’t praise Him enough. He has done what no one can do.

I know I am supposed to wait till Friday (to give this testimony when we are on the group’s zoom call) but I may not be around and I don’t want to not testify this wonderful thing. 

He delivered me in my room!😩😩😩😩😩😩❤️❤️

– From, Idara