When [Ezinne Zara] said to look to Jesus, that He was on His throne over TC. My eyes were closed and I did try to look. I could see hands stretched out over me but I couldn’t make out the face. Then the weirdest thing happened, I saw a smile and I got scared. 😂

I kept praying in the Spirit and then I asked Jesus to hold my hands because I was afraid. I asked that He take fear away. I opened my eyes for a moment because I couldn’t continue to keep them close😩 but I closed them again and the smile was still there.  I just kept praying and I noticed that my tongues [speech inspired by the Holy Spirit] changed. It was exciting and scary at the same time but I kept praying. I almost ran out of breath. This went on for a few minutes and I just felt my hands become cool. Like I felt refreshed and my tongues changed again not to what it was before but different from what I’m used to and my heart was light. I felt very very light and the smile I saw, I wasn’t afraid of it anymore. I felt a refreshing feeling wash over me. 

I’ve never experienced anything like that.

– From, Obehioye