I had a deliverance experience that was quite graphic.

I was listening to part 2 of “Spiritual intelligence” [by Apostle Joshua Selman] yesterday and the Lord led me to pray outside. Then Apostle Joshua Selman started praying at the end and commanding miracles all of a sudden, I had the urge to pass gas.

When I got to the toilet, I saw that what I thought was gas was actually poop, and it had some sediments that I think are parts of parasites that we usually have in our bodies.

I have mostly been fasting this week and I had just broken my fast with some coconut so I was surprised that something was coming out.

I’m just amazed that the Lord is healing my body so completely. This is a physical manifestation of what’s happening spiritually.

Thank you so much Zara for your obedience.

– From, Anonymous