Praise God !!! I’ve a testimony.

Yesterday after I concluded listening to the part 3 of Spiritual Intelligence [by Apostle Joshua Selman] and prayed the prayers, I went to sleep waiting for our 3am prayers on TC.

I had a dream & in the dream I was about to go somewhere when I saw a group of people coming towards me obviously angry. I tried to hide myself behind a jeep and suddenly a man came and put me inside that car but before we could leave, a fight started. I kept on giving the man more weapons to fight with. Then we left. I asked the man why he was doing this (probably helping me) and he just smiled and didn’t say anything.

As I was about to come down from the jeep, a child was placed in my hands. I held it so delicately and then I woke up. I was confused. Then during the 3am prayers, Ezinne [Zara] mentioned that we would pray about our dreams. I was so happy that we could pray over that now. I was in the middle of the prayers when she mentioned that she sees a person carrying a new born child in her arms. I suddenly remembered it was me and was glad. I asked Ezinne for the interpretation and she interpreted it for me. I’m so grateful to God for sending my angel to assist me when the enemies came and gave me victory at the end. Also, Ezinne for the prayers🙏🏿. Hallelujah 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

– From, Josephine