The point Ezinne made about dreams was actually so apt!!

For me, God would show me things that He was set to do in my life and when I woke up from those dreams I’ll be full of joy but I never affirmed them and declared that they will manifest.

Sometimes I would sit and replay them in my mind and then the enemy would begin to give me 10000 reasons why they would never come to pass. I remember I had a set of dreams in May & after calculating the possibility with my small cockroach human eyes o, I told God that thing He showed me was not feasible🤦🏿‍♀️ The enemy had filled my heart with fear & unbelief.

Yesterday after the prayers, God actually reminded me of those dreams and I began speaking them back to life o! I cancelled every negative thing I had said concerning them in the past & I recovered ALL my blessings!

– From, Moyo