I joined the true Christianity group with the help of the link that was sent by my friend recently.

I haven’t been able to participate in the prayers or even the sermons but my friend told me about it and I woke up at 3 am on Saturday to pray on my own since I couldn’t join the zoom prayer.

I have been really lazy to pray these days. But surprisingly I prayed for about 45minutes that morning.

My friend had told me about a sermon on breaking generational and ancestral curses and patterns. I prayed and i saw something.

I saw a young woman with a pot in her hand held forward. She was turning but her grip on the pot was firm. I kept praying but nothing happen to her. I rounded up my prayer and read the bible then went to sleep.

On the evening of Saturday, i told my friend what i saw and i felt it was just my imagination but she sent me a voice note that you had sent about accepting what we see.

So, my friend encouraged me and she sent me sunday’s prayer point about praying concerning the dreams we had and the things we saw and also prayer for favours from God and man

I woke up a bit late on sunday morning but nonetheless, i prayed and i saw this woman again.

This time she could feel my presence, she knew i was there. I continued to pray and i pinned her down with the part of the bible that says “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue confess”. She was on her knees but i noticed that the pot in her hand did’nt shake. Her grip on the pot was tight.

And i was curious about the pot. I continued to pray and call on the fire of the Holy Ghost. She was burning but she still held on to the pot like her life depended on it.

After a while of praying she let go of the pot and its content poured. And something told me that the things she had stolen from me and my family has been released.

After the content poured, the pot rolled to me and i stepped on it. She could’nt speak to me because i had used that verse in the begin of the prayer. But she looked at me and it seemed she did’nt want the pot to be broken. But i took the pot and broke it. As soon as i did that, she died.

And i saw myself with a white handkerchief in my hand and i was dancing.

I finished praying and i thanked God. I sang and started getting ready for church.

While i was brushing my teeth. “I heard you are favoured, i love you”

This is my testimony and i wanted to share.

God bless you Ezinne. God is using you. Please be obedient.

– From, OU