Hi Family. I have a testimony to share.

I was watching Spiritual Intelligence Part 3 [by Apostle Joshua Selman] yesterday and I was praying about a few things God had brought to mind. One was a negative word an aunt spoke over me years ago that had been bothering me but that I didn’t know how to cancel and renounce. She said something out of annoyance, and even though we made up later, I wasn’t sure if the thing she said had any effect in my life. When certain things would happen in this particular area of my life, I would remember what she said and wonder if that was why. It had been troubling me and I didn’t know what to do. It came to mind during Part 3 and so I prayed about it during the prayer session at the end of part 3. I was praying about that and something else involving spiritual opposition that God was showing me.

◦ I prayed in tongues for a while and I asked God for his mercy, because I had provoked my aunt before she said what she did. I kept praying and I don’t know where boldness came from, but as I was sitting on the floor and praying, I found myself addressing someone who was facing me. It was like I was having a conversation with them. And I was declaring to them my victory in Christ, and commanding them to leave. I remember challenging them and I was angry. I asked them if they don’t know who my God is? I told them that this is no longer their jurisdiction and that a person with a higher authority than them owns this land, so they have no power here anymore. And I so boldly asked them to leave. Me sef I shock at the boldness.

◦ It seemed like they were still there staring at me, unmoving. I continued to pray alternating between speaking in tongues and asking them to leave. I eventually got angry and asked the fire of God to fall on them.

◦ As I continued to pray, I felt so light and I started laughing and screaming in joy. I felt so free!!! And I could see what looked like the edge of a mat or a piece of cloth, I’m not sure what it was. And it was waving in the air, untethered. No longer bound to anything. And I knew God had set me free! The joy in my heart and the freedom I felt was proof!

◦ I danced! I rejoiced! There were two things I was praying for and I know God answered both. Just like that. I remember saying freedom just like that? And I was laughing and jumping and praising God! I know it is done! I heard “it is done.” And I believe God.

◦ I thank God for his mercy, and I just want to return all glory to God for victory, for deliverance, for freedom. I know God has set me free and I no longer need to worry about the effects of that word over my life because Jesus has set me free from it. Just like that 😭😭😭

Hallelujah!! Please help me thank God ooo!

– From, Oreofe