I also have testimonies. I’m just amazed at how God does the things He does. Indeed He sees our struggles.

When we were praying [during the 3am prayers], I had goosebumps all over and I sensed fear but when [Ezinne Zara] cast out the spirit of fear, I felt a release wash over me. Then later it was as though there was something over my eyes – it gradually became darker and darker and I just ignored and didn’t open my eyes. I kept praying and then [Ezinne Zara] cast away the spirit of fear again and I started to see light. Like a brightness just filled my eyes. I’ve been afraid for a lot different reasons, some I don’t even know but Father has given me His peace. I know I do not have to be afraid of anything and for that I am grateful.

Then something else happened.

When [Ezinne Zara] said someone has been struggling with sin, and she described my situation so well, I just started to cry uncontrollably. In that moment I realized just how much God loves and wants to set me free. For years, I have been in bondage. I used to steal when I was younger then I repented and even told my parents and they said they forgave me. I stopped but then it took a different outlook. Anytime someone gave me money, I would just find myself using it. I knew I shouldn’t do that but I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I would take from the money till it was exhausted and then start finding ways to pay back. Whenever I do get money legitimately, I would use to pay the debt I acquired instead. This has gone on for years. Throughout yesterday, I was thinking about it. It was burning on my heart and I just kept asking God, how do I pay all the money I owe. Please just help me. I saw my data was about to expire and I had no money. Thoughts of how to get money started coming to my head and I rejected them because I am not that person anymore. Then this happened today. I’m just so grateful to God for freedom because Him alone knows how I’ve struggled with this. I’m free and I give Him the glory.

God bless you Ezinne. God’s favour and protection will always be on your life and in the life of your family in Jesus name, amen.

– From, OB