Hello, True Christianity!

Below are the list of members of our group who have volunteered to take on responsibilities to keep the community running smoothly. Feel free to reach out to them pertaining the roles they occupy:

Ezinne Zara: Steward, True Christianity. She oversees all aspects of the group, receives instructions from the owner of the group (Holy Spirit) and executes those instructions, whatever they may be.

Chidalu: Supervisor for True Christianity. She makes sure that guidelines on the group are followed and adhered to and can also stand in for Ezinne Zara from time to time.

King Naya: Graphics designer for True Christianity. She is to work with the handler for the True Christianity’s media.

Angel: Handler for True Christianity media. She is to work with the graphics designer for True Christianity’s media.

Obehioye: Secretary, True Christianity. She keeps a written record of all major events and happenings on the group.

Nelise: Hospitality for True Christianity. She welcomes new members and brings them up to date on happenings on the group. She also answers questions they have and makes them feel comfortable.