Hello everyone, my testimony is a lot so I’ll break them to make it easy for you to read.


Early 2019, one of the days where prophesies were flying up and down [on True Christianity], Precious Ada mentioned that God has given some of us the gift of cooking and that we’re meant to use that gift to change lives – that we will cook food for the kingdom of God. I was even scared when I saw that because I knew she was talking about me.

I ignored the message until some days later when Elizabeth Eyo came and shared her testimony about starting up a food business and how people were helping her – what she described was what I felt in my heart to do and immediately I felt that urgency in my heart and I knew I was ready to obey.

The next day, I was washing and for the first time I heard God clearly (like i didn’t hear a voice but i could feel the voice) and He was giving me all these instructions: He said I was going to start an online food business and for every 3 plates of food sold, a hungry child gets a free meal. He said I’d feed the poor and hungry and that I shouldn’t worry about the resources. He said He would make them available. I was excited and scared because I didn’t even have money to start up anything.

I shared that testimony on TC and I remembered other people giving prophecies concerning the business and the initiative. Maz told everyone to pray for the business because its bigger than we know and a food warehouse would come out of it where children would be fed for free.

I wanted to start in April 2019 but funds were not available so I kept talking to God about it.

On the 3rd of May 2019, someone from TC reached out to me and asked if I had started the business and I said no. When I was asked why (because the person in question was not in Abuja) He said he wanted to buy food for some people in Abuja. He told me to send the price list and I said I would when it’s ready. I sent the price list that evening and he ordered food for 10 hungry children. I wasn’t expecting that, so I was really shocked. He sent the money and 2 days later (which was a Sunday) I made 15 plates of food for 15 children in a nearby village and the next day being Monday the business started.

The first day, the food was sold out.

Everyday I’d calculate the number of plates sold and write down the number of free plates for the children. The second outreach was in another nearby village and after that one I had a serious attack – from the most painful migraine that made me pass out, to having seizures. I was rushed to the emergency ward and even the doctors were confused as to why I was jerking like that. Grace came to visit that day and she was the one that rushed to call my brother (imagine if God hadn’t brought her that day). She posted on the True Christianity that everyone should pray for me and explained what was going on and after some hours I was calm and was discharged. I was asked to come back for the test results the next day, I prayed and told God that I wanted the result to be negative and everything came out negative.

Next, I went to an orphanage with my amazing team (Grace and Abi) and we made food for over 40 children. At this point business wasn’t so great but I kept going and reminding God of His promises.


The next time we went, my friend told me she wanted me to cook for 150 children but she doesn’t know where to find them because she had received an instruction from God through a man of God here. I made some calls and made that food and we went to one of the idp camps in Abuja (Internally Displaced People’s camp). That day our hearts broke because we didn’t know places like that existed and they were so many hungry children; the food didn’t go round because there were close to 500 children and we had just 150 plates.

We left there and I remembered telling my sister about it and she said, “God just showed you the people to feed.”

For all our outreaches after that day, we started going to the IDP camp but the food was never enough and we always left there sad and heartbroken.

Things became so bad as I wasn’t even making sales again. I kept reminding God of His promises and held on to His word that He spoke to me (He said He’d feed nations through me). Not going to lie, I doubted. I didn’t think that was even possible because my mind couldn’t grasp the depth of that vision. I’d pray to God to help me believe and help me hold on, there were times I really wanted to give up so bad but I knew God was/is not a liar so by His help I held on to His promises.

A few months before the year ended we went for another outreach then God said to go for another outreach in December 2019, I knew it’d be big so we started making plans. A few weeks before the day, Dalu came on the TC Abuja small group and made an announcement about an outreach her foundation (JFF) was having, coincidentally it was in the same IDP camp that I was planning to visit and we talked about it and decided to do a collaboration.

That was the biggest outreach we had and it was so amazing. It took place on the 28th of December 2019.

2020 came around and I was led to go for another outreach but in a different IDP camp to spend Valentine’s Day with the kids. We did things differently then – we bought jump ropes, whot, ludo and a few gifts, then we cooked and took everything there. We played with the children, had competitions and gave little gifts to the winners. It was a beautiful experience and when it was time to leave, we saw the disappointment and pain on their faces because they had a great time and didn’t want it to end.

Raising funds was difficult because Abras Foodhub is a business not an NGO and I didn’t make enough to feed even half of the children. Before then I had felt the leading in my heart to register an NGO but I dismissed that thought because (1) there was no money for that (2) I hate to ask for help (God made me understand recently that it was pride not humility).

I was talking to my spiritual father and friend, telling him how someone here offered to register my business for free, that it was her own contribution to the business and he just said God said that an NGO should come out of that business because it’s not just a business but it’s for God’s purpose and he said the NGO arm was even supposed to be registered before the business itself and I was still trying to explain how it was even free and that I know God has been telling me to do that but I guess I wasn’t ready for that plus I didn’t have money to. He said God said I should do a fundraising and I was like, nah I don’t like to bother people or beg for money and He said that’s what God said.


I decided to obey. I prayed about it and wrote a memo that he even helped me to edit. I started putting it up on my WhatsApp status and some of my friends did the same and funds started coming in.

We needed 100k for the registration and got a little above half then lockdown happened. At that point, I gave up because how can I be soliciting for funds in the midst of the pandemic? Everything was put on hold. After the lockdown was eased, we were talking and he asked how far with the fundraising and I told him how much we had raised and told him how I wasn’t ready to start posting the memo on my status and insisting that if it’s God’s will, He’ll provide the balance. He agreed and said we should pray about it.

That same night, about 2am, I got a message from a friend and she asked how far I had gone with the fundraising and when next I was going for an outreach. I said I had told God there won’t be any outreach until the foundation is registered fully and she said while she was praying the Holy spirit told her to ask me about it and give what was left. I was stunned because we literally just talked about it and boom, she sent the balance and said the excess, I was to use for myself and I just couldn’t stop the tears because this God keeps blowing my mind.

I sent the money to the lawyer and the registration process started.

I travelled to Lagos towards the end of September to see my grandmother and sister and God provided money for my flight ticket. One of the days I was just sitting down and my sister was praying and she turned to me and said, “have you gotten any order since you travelled?” I said no (that was one of the things bothering me at that point) and she said I needed to really pray because it wasn’t normal and I should pray against delay as well.

I started praying and God revealed so much to me and I wrote them down. I told my sister what I saw and she said, “Good. Now start engaging it in your heart till you birth it.” I started doing that, prayed a lot, and a few days later I got a call from my friend (the lawyer that registered my business) telling me that she had good news – she said my business certificate had been released. I screamed because it was not normal that after a year and some months I still hadn’t received my certificate, which normally shouldn’t exceed 2 months.

I danced and rejoiced because the fact that I didn’t have that certificate hindered alot of things – that was my biggest testimony as at that time.

Around that time I got a message from a friend abroad and she asked if I was still using my personal account details for Carondara (the NGO) and I said yes but we would open an account for the NGO soon because the registration is ongoing. The next day, I got an alert of 114,000 Naira (about $300) from her and she said it was her contribution for the next outreach, I was shocked because it was a lot and I wasn’t really expecting it because we had never raised that amount of money in all our outreaches. I also knew that something had broken – limitation was over. Then the holy spirit said to me, “you’ve been worried about how funds would be raised for the upcoming outreach, this is God reminding you that He’s faithful and when He says a thing He brings it to pass.

My faith increased and I knew I was ready to let God do it His way.

A few days later I got another call from my other lawyer that the NGO’s (Carondara foundation) certificate was ready.

At that point I knew everything was falling in place.

A few weeks earlier I had a vision where God told me January 2021, we would have an official launch of Carondara Foundation and before the launch we would have an outreach in December. He showed me how everything would go and I literally lived the moment. I saw everything God wanted us to do (even details) then I started writing them down.

When I looked at the things I wrote down I just laughed because I felt it was impossible. I called my spiritual father and he said, “of course if God has shown you then that’s how it’ll be and don’t worry about how it’ll happen, God would make the provisions available.”

I wanted to attend a conference in portharcourt so bad and I spoke to God about it.


My brother’s marriage was meant to take place in Akwa Ibom 2 days before the conference. Normally, we were supposed to go to Uyo then travel to the village but God made everything work in my favour. My brother told us to come to Port Harcourt instead of Uyo, that it’s closer to the wife’s village and that was how we all went to PH, after the ceremony we came back to PH and while everyone was going back to Abuja my sister and I went for the conference.

I went back to Abuja on the 14th of November 2020 and the flyers for the outreach came out and I and my friends started posting them on our social media pages. We had a month and some days to raise 1.5 million Naira (about $4,000) and I thought, if we raised N300,000 (about $800) it’ll be a miracle due to the limited time we had.

Gradually, donations started coming in. God told me it’d be a Christmas funfair for the children, that we’re basically bringing to them what other children outside the camp have access to that they don’t and we’re also making them know that they’re loved and not abandoned and we were to spend the day playing with them and making sure they have a good time.

After paying for 2 bouncing castles, a few bags of rice and 100 bags of garri, the money we had was exhausted. I spoke to God. I’d cry and God would reassure me that He’s able. I stopped looking up to men and just fixed my eyes on Him and then donations started coming in, people started volunteering, someone from TC reached out to me and told me God asked her to help spread the word and I should expect lots of donations and so it happened and we bought some other essentials.

A few days before the outreach, Abi and I met up with Eni because she came to Abuja. Prior to that time I had been looking for a popcorn machine for the event but couldn’t get. So that evening, we went to see our friends and we drove to buy something from the cornershop in the estate and immediately I saw a popcorn machine! I told Eni to follow me so we would ask the owner if she rents it out. We went there, spoke to her and she asked what we needed it for. When we told her, she said she had an event that same day but she would cancel her event for us. She asked how much we wanted to pay and we told her and she said it wasn’t good enough. To cut this long story short, she said we should come on the day of the event and carry the popcorn machine for free then return it when we’re done. We couldn’t believe it and literally started crying because fam! We weren’t expecting that. She said, when God sends you on an assignment He provides labourers for you and those words gave me confidence.


We had a budget of 1.5 million (about $4,000) which included the official launch and before that day we raised almost N600,000 (about $1,600). We couldn’t buy everything we had planned but that event exceeded our expectations. We cooked for 300 children and volunteers, we had a proper party for these kids, the parents got some foodstuff as well. It was so beautiful and even the little outstanding bill we had, we received the exact amount that same day and we were able to settle everything.

I was in awe because God blew my mind once again, like He actually chose me to do that.

I don’t know who this is for but I’m encouraging you today, whatever God has asked you to do no matter how ridiculous it sounds, do it. Don’t try to wrap your head around it because God does extraordinary things through ordinary people.

The number of people that reached out to me telling me how my obedience to do God’s work have helped them greatly and I’m like me? Lol.

God is so beautiful, fam!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times God saved me from death. Before I went to Lagos, I was just lying down at home one of the days I had just finished talking on the phone and I had the worst migraine ever. I started praying and at a point I couldn’t pray anymore. I fell on the floor and couldn’t get up. I struggled to call my sister to pray for me and she did. I was the only one at home and by that time I couldn’t even talk again. My friend (Grace) called and tbh I don’t know how I picked that call. I couldn’t talk and she knew something was wrong. She prayed for me then called my brothers on the phone to tell them what was going on. They called but I couldn’t talk and after that I couldn’t pick up the phone again, couldn’t open my eyes. I felt like I was being electrocuted and then I felt like I was paralysed from head to toe. At that point I could only call on Jesus in my mind to save me. I really thought that was the end but God saved me, there is power in the name of Jesus.

Through it all I held on to God’s promises, the number of car accidents God saved me from last year, I’ve lost count.

God is good and my life, my entire life is a testimony of God’s goodness and Faithfulness.

If I continue we’ll not finish because it’s so much.

I hope this helps someone.

– From, Faith Daudu