Good evening, believers! I have a testimony to share to encourage someone.

For some time now, when I hear The Lord speak to me about someone (when he gives me a message to deliver), I usually struggle to obey especially if the person isn’t my family member.

I’m always afraid of what the person would think or say and each time I want to pass the message, I do it with fear. So in November 2020, a friend introduced me to this group. The first night we prayed together on this platform, The Lord gave me a message for a friend’s husband who has been believing God for a breakthrough because things had become very hard for them after marriage. God instructed me to tell him that the blessing he (my friend’s husband) was going for will not last. That He The Lord will bless him (my friend’s husband) with an everlasting blessing.

I heard it and I just shook it off my mind until the next day, while I was listening to Apostle Joshua Selman, I heard it again. Then I decided to just tell him (my friend’s husband).

That day, I called him and after giving him the message he thanked me and spoke of a friend who gave him the phone number of a man, instructing him to visit the man and promising that he will do something for him and then everything will start working and even money will start coming. My friend’s husband said he had been thinking of it and was planing to go for it because he was tired of his situation but because of what I’d told him, he wouldn’t try it anymore. Instead, he will keep on appreciating God.

I am so grateful to God that I obeyed and passed that message because this has removed every doubt in me and built up my faith even more.

Now, I say it as I see it or hear it from God.

I am so happy am on the right track with the right people [True Christianity members].

– From, Rolly