Good morning, family! How are you all doing today?

I have exciting news to share with you!

At the beginning of this year, Father began to speak to me about street evangelism. He made it clear that He wanted me and True Christianity members to go out into the street and talk to people about Jesus Christ and to win souls for the kingdom of God.

I tried to build a calendar but when I sat at my laptop to do it, I perceived that Father wasn’t happy with that move. I was actually going to schedule this evangelism for February but as I sat there with my laptop, I realised that I didn’t even know what tomorrow held for me not to talk of the rest of the year. It was clear to me that Father didn’t want me to go off and start doing carrying out this instruction in the flesh so I left it believing that when it was time, He would let me know.

Fast forward to yesterday morning.

I opened Instagram and saw a post by Joshua Eze (@thebookvendor on instagram) and in it, he spoke of a burden that had been on him to get 500 Bibles and give out and he was asking people to join in and donate money for this. Immediately I saw his post, I knew that this was the prompting I had been waiting for. Everything in me immediately said, “YES!” & I heard, STREET EVANGELISM in my head so I reached out to ask him how we could partner together and the rest is history.

This is an open invitation to True Christianity members to join us.

We will only be taking 40 people in Lagos and the first 40 people to indicate an interest will be sent a link to join a small group where we will discuss the plan and the way forward.

We have decided on Saturday 13th February, 2021.

I understand that people in other parts of Nigeria and the world may want to join in and that’s wonderful. Amazing, in fact! This will be a great time to join a True Christianity small group based on your location and to plan with the members of your unit to go and spread the Good News!