Hi Family. I have a testimony to share. I was watching Spiritual Intelligence Part 3 [by Apostle Joshua Selman] yesterday and I was praying about a few things God had brought to mind. One was a negative word an aunt spoke over me years ago that had been bothering me but that I didn’t know […]


Praise God everybody! God answered one of my requests yesterday! Yesterday morning [Ezinne Zara] spoke about fear and of how she had so much fear about her wedding bills and the scripture she held on to (that was reminded to her by a friend was), “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…” I […]


I just finished listening to the Bible study message about the “The mystery of Giving and Honour” [by Ezinne Zara] and I just want to say I have been blessed! The enlightenment I have received in the past few days are eternal blessings I am grateful for. Thank you Ezinne Zara for yielding to the […]


Good morning. I just want to say thank you [Ezinne Zara] for everything – May God continue to bless and increase you in all ramifications. I have some testimonies. So since we started these prayers here are a few things that I’ve seen change in my life: 1) I usually to have these terrible headaches […]


Heyy everyone! I have a testimony… I was working on something last month and it wasn’t working out, I wasn’t hearing back, so I just shrugged it off and forgot about it. I said a prayer about it once and named the person involved and I’m so happy to announce that I got my positive […]


Good morning Family. I got a manifestation of the 3rd prayer I wrote on my list from Wednesday morning last night. I’m truly grateful to God. God showed me that He is still very much interested in his Children. Another thing that God reminded me of, after answering that prayer was that I shouldn’t stop […]


God answered one of my prayer points literally 7 hours laterrrrr😭😭😭 I asked that God would give me the exact topic I would do for my senior research project and not only did He give me that, He provided two back up topics (WHICH MY EXTREMELY DIFFICULT INSTRUCTOR APPROVED!!) 😭 I know I’m shouting ooo, […]


I just want to say that prior to this morning, I’ve been having issues with my mind and thinking all sort of lustful thoughts and feeling the urge to want to do what I’m not supposed to be doing at this age (just recently) When [Ezinne Zara] prayed about silencing the voices in our heads, […]


I just want to testify to the glory of the Lord. Last night while we were praying, I was feeling quite sleepy and I closed my eyes. All of a sudden, I saw myself in a dark place and there was a chain with a padlock on it coming out of a hole and I […]


I had a deliverance experience that was quite graphic. I was listening to part 2 of “Spiritual intelligence” [by Apostle Joshua Selman] yesterday and the Lord led me to pray outside. Then Apostle Joshua Selman started praying at the end and commanding miracles all of a sudden, I had the urge to pass gas. When […]